Charlie Bike Touring – Cycle tourism in Turin and surroundings

With Charliebiketouring you can experience the thrill of a cycle excursion to Turin and InValPellice.

You can fully enjoy this cycling experience, without worrying about the road ahead, refreshment points and bike assistance because with you there will be the National MTB Academy Guides who will lead you safely along the trails.

We will go to the discovery of fantastic views, points of cultural interest and typical products.

General information will be given about the history of places and monuments with the possibility of entering some local museums but we will not replace the figure of tour guide.

The excursions will be conducted with the utmost respect for the places and people we meet.

We will make sure that we have everything you need for bicycle assistance in order to allow everyone to reach the finish line.

During the excursions it will be possible to take photos and videos which will then be shared with the participants.

We will take care to assist you in choosing the rental of bikes, e-bikes and helmets.

The helmet is mandatory for any bike ride!
Greetings from Charliebike.

Un saluto da Charliebike.

Contacts, details

For information contact: Carlo Argirò

Tel. +39 3403192460