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This section collects videos relating to Val Pellice that have been published online by third parties. The source is cited from time to time for each video.

Since this is material produced by others, the InValPellice Association assumes no responsibility for the correctness, adequacy and quality of the contents.

Villar Pellice, June 2018

Video footage of bicycle enthusiast Marc Pittaluga between Villar Pellice and the upper valley 

Video postcard: Torre Pellice

Filmed by the Province of Turin. Duration: 2:02

Video-documentary on Val Pellice

Video aired on RAI 3 at the GEO transmission. Duration: 26:19

A new dress for the Waldensian House

The restoration works of the Waldensian House of Torre Pellice have been completed.

Torre Pellice (TO) and the Waldensian museum (Val Pellice)

Photo by Roberto Fadda. Duration: 8:00

Turin A Province of Taste – The cuisine of Valpellice

Broadcast on Val Pellice and traditional Waldensian cuisine. Duration: 5:23

Shooting with drone of the Pis waterfall, Upper Val Pellice

Shooting with a drone of a beautiful waterfall along the path that leads to the Jervis Refuge. Author: Gigi Rosso.

Memory and identity in the songs of the Waldensian Valleys: the legacy of Robert...

Created by the Research Institute for Sustainable Economic Growth of the National Research Council (

Wolves in the upper Val Pellice

A pack of seven wolves filmed on the slopes of Mount Vandalino. Author: Roberto Ricca.

The enhancement of Val Pellice as part of the “Fare Rete Natura 2000 Italia”...

ideo made by the students of class IV C of the A.Prever Agricultural Professional Institute of Osasco, on the enhancement of Val Pellice as...

Food for the soul

Extract from the documentary film "The food of the soul" Waldensian Stories. part 2 (Waldensian Stories, Cloistered Stories, Osho Stories) by Piero Cannizzaro. Duration:...

A brief history of the Waldensians

A brief history of the Waldensian movement by the Committee for Waldensian Historical Places. Duration: 5:51