Food for the soul

Extract from the documentary film “The food of the soul” Waldensian Stories. part 2 (Waldensian Stories, Cloistered Stories, Osho Stories) by Piero Cannizzaro. Duration: 9:57

The story unfolds as a real journey in the Waldensian territory of Val Pellice (Turin) with characters typical of this ancient culture, such as a woman shepherd or Walter Eynard who has made the Waldensian cuisine the symbol of his Flipot restaurant in Torre Pellice. But also a producer of meats and cheeses and a girl who collects the typical herbs of the valley. They all have in common the fact that they identify the tastes, flavors and smells of their territory with the Waldensian religious identity. The traditional diet of the communities reflects the typical taste of the northern european countries (England, Holland, France etc). A cuisine deeply linked to history and the environment that refers to situations and stories deeply linked to the passage of various peoples and which has drawn numerous culinary experiences from these.