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The Civic Gallery “Filippo Scroppo” in Torre Pellice is a “small museum of contemporary art” which preserves a heritage of unexpected importance: it has in fact about four hundred and fifty works by Italian and foreign artists of the second post-war period, mainly collected by the artist and cultural animator Filippo Scroppo (Riesi 1910 – Torre Pellice 1993), through donations from artists and collectors, and acquisitions by the municipal administration.

In addition to carrying out the role of conservation of a public heritage, the gallery carries out the dissemination of artistic languages, through the preparation of exhibitions, the organization of meetings and a consolidated teaching activity.


The headquarters of the gallery, a former professional school, was inaugurated in 1994. The architecture of the building clearly reflects its original function; the exhibition space is organized in a single room, large and bright, separated by movable walls, which can be moved according to needs and is accessible to the disabled.


Torre Pellice, from 1949 to 1990, was home to the “Contemporary Art Exhibition” and the “Biennale del Disegno”, two of the most deserving artistic events in the Turin area, organized with tenacity, competence and passion by Filippo Scroppo, painter, art critic and teacher, who has collected over the years the collection, owned by the Municipality of Torre Pellice, which currently has about four hundred and fifty works.

The origins of this prestigious collection date back to 1959, when, at the behest of the Pro Loco, the painter Filippo Scroppo selected a group of excellent artistic personalities of the area to be invited to the “First Pictorial Autumn of Torre Pellice”, and the painters who adhere to the initiative donate the works carried out to the municipality. These paintings, together with those painted by other great artists during the following four editions of the pictorial autumn, constitute the initial nucleus of the Collection, which over the years has been enriched through donations from artists, collectors, gallery owners or with the acquisition of works exhibited in the annual “Contemporary art exhibitions” and in the “Biennials of graphics and design”

In 1975 the Municipality of Torre Pellice, now in possession of more than 300 works, approved the establishment of the “Collection of the Civic Gallery of Contemporary Art”.


The Filippo Scroppo Art Gallery, Civic Gallery of the Municipality of Torre Pellice, is located in Via Roberto D’Azeglio, 10 in Torre Pellice (TO)

Tel: +39 0121 932530


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