Monnet Valter Farm

The family-run company is located in Villar Pellice in the hamlet of Inverso Fienminuto 27.

In the summer period (July – September) the activity moves to Alpe Giulian (Bobbio Pellice) at 2100 meters above sea level. With the mountains, the animals benefit from the high altitude pastures; cattle, sheep and goats produce milk which is transformed in the small company dairy.

The typical products of the Monnet company are:

  • Cow’s milk toma (available all year)
  • Sheep’s milk toma (from January to June)
  • Mixed milk toma (January to June)
  • Goat tomette (from June to November)
  • Tomette with aromatic herbs (wildflower, rosemary, pepper, chilli, juniper, chives. All year round)
  • Fresh Saras (all year)
  • Saras del fèn (all year)

he products can be purchased on the farm or at the end of a nice mountain trip to the Giulian pasture.

Contacts and details

Tel: +39 368 7085672