Municipality ofBobbio Pellice

Bobbio Pellice, at 732 m. s.l.m., is a small town of about 560 inhabitants, located at the mouth of three minor valleys: Carbonieri, Giulian Cruello and Subiasco.

Land of shepherds (butter and exquisite cheeses are produced locally), today also a renowned place of tourism for families, for Sunday hikers and experts, for lovers of climbing and ski touring. Bobbio combines the charm of the past with the organization and hospitality of the present.

You can follow ancient paths in the direction of the “furest” of transhumance, many between 800 and 1500 meters, make challenging ascents towards inaccessible valleys such as Subiasco, fascinating also from a geomorphological point of view for its “green” rocks. From Bobbio you can either use the paved road to travel through the Carbonieri valley to reach the Barbara plateau, from where you can take walks immersed in nature or go up the dirt road inside the Oasi del Barant or follow the Pellice stream backwards along the provincial road to reach the Conca del Pra, of glacial origin surrounded by imposing mountains, meadows and grazing herds.
On the ancient paths you can observe the incredible variety of species that characterize the local flora and fauna, surrounded by warm autumn colors or accompanied by the splendid spring blooms. Refuges, framhouses, bed and breakfasts, restaurants and trattorias offer the opportunity to taste local products in characteristic and comfortable environments.

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Bobbio Pellice