Municipality ofVillar Pellice

The municipality of Villar Pellice is located in the high valley of the same name. The compound name derives from the Latin "villa" that is "village". The municipality had also been called Villar Luserna and Villar Bobbio.

It belonged to the Rorengo di Luserna family until the 18th century. Villar Pellice was involved in the dramatic anti-Waldensian persecutions. Its history follows the events of all the municipalities of the valley. Due to the devastation resulting from the wars there are few artistic testimonies. After the war, Villar Pellice suffered from an acute demographic decrease.
The Municipality has proposed to the inhabitants of Villar Pellice the artistic and cultural enhancement of their homes through the creation of some solar quadrants. The sundials are visible following an itinerary that winds along the whole town, also giving the possibility to see and appreciate suggestive corners of the villages.
The town of Villar Pellice is located at an altitude of 664 m above sea level with an Area of 60.76km2.
Agriculture and livestock are traditional economic activities, which are now accompanied by winter and summer tourism, which has become a good source of wealth.

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