Natalino Catalin Farm

LThe company is located in Villar Pellice, Teynaud n. 23 (area on the border with the Municipality of Torre Pellice).

It is a family-run business founded in the post-war period that maintains the original production methods even if they are adapted to current legislation on production rooms and control systems.
In the summer, from the end of June to mid-September, the business moves to the Caugis Alp (also in the Municipality of Villar Pellice) located at a height of 2,007 meters above sea level.
The company’s products are as follows:

  • Alpine Toma cheese with mixed milk
  • Toma cow’s milk
  • Goat toma
  • Toma of sheep
  • Serpillo toma
  • Chilli toma
  • Tomini with pepper and chilli
  • Fresh Tomini
  • Alpine Saras with mixed milk
  • Cow’s milk saras
  • Saras del Fen
  • Ricotta cheese

The production takes into account the natural drying / lactation rhythms of the animals and the company rhythms, therefore some of our products can only be found at certain times of the year. The Saras d’alpeggio is produced exclusively in the summer period (from July to September). The sheep toma is produced in the winter period (from December to March). The goat toma is produced in the spring-summer period (from April to September).

The products can be purchased all year round at the company headquarters in the hamlet of Teynaud or at the weekly market of Torre Pellice in the town center (on Friday morning); during the summer period (July – September) also directly in the mountain pastures.

Contacts and details

Telefono: +39 0121 930245 – +39 368 275186