Step 2: Here are some tips to make the most of your trips to the mountains!

Over the past weekend, many have tasted the mountain air again, including us, in full compliance with the rules for practicing motor and physical activity in this phase 2.

For this reason, again this week we share other useful tips from Uncem for when we go to some place for a bike ride, a walk or a run. Have fun 🙂

1) Stop at a local shop. If you enter an enclosed space, you must wear a mask. In the shop, buy the typical products of the area and the country where you are to take home. It is a sign of closeness to the territory itself and an act of support for the local economy.

2) If you want to buy food with the take away formula, first call the restaurant or bar to order, then you shall go afterwards to collect the products. The products cannot be consumed inside the facilities or near them, so as to avoid gatherings.

3) Remember that the Mountain is the heart of common goods: paths, air, water, meadows, forests, climate and environment belong to everyone. Respect them – always take waste home -, look at territories and countries as a pulsating place, living communities, centers of innovation, business, productivity, commitment and cohesion of individuals who generate communities.