Terranova agricultural cooperative

It was January 1979. A group of young students and unemployed people, after months of passionate confrontation, decided, in Luserna San Giovanni, to take advantage of the opportunity offered by a 1977 law to support the creation of cooperatives.
Thus the Terranova Agricultural Coop was born.
The main purpose, as well as offering job opportunities, was to recover abandoned mountain lands by essentially cultivating small fruits (blackberries, currants, raspberries) and raising bees in order to obtain honey.
Since then, Coop Terranova has continued its business while maintaining the original cornerstones: the direct transformation of the fruit produced by the members, obtaining jams and fruit juices. Over the years, appetizers and sauces have been added and beekeeping has been enhanced.
The production method remains unchanged: jams made in small quantities with first choice fruit, in open-air copper pots and without adding thickeners, preservatives or dyes: only fruit and sugar.

For some time now, alongside traditional jams (in any case with a low percentage of added sugar), there has been a line of sugar-free jams.
The varieties of jam produced range from all small fruits to traditional peaches, apricots, cherries, figs, plums, quinces, chestnuts. The whole blueberry line is produced starting from spontaneous fruits.
Similarly, Terranova honey is strictly produced by partners operating in Val Pellice or in any case in Piedmont.
Terranova products can be found at the headquarters in Strada Vecchia di San Giovanni 65 in Luserna San Giovanni, at the Torre Pellice market, on Fridays; at the market in via Di Nanni in Turin, on Saturdays; in some shops in the Pinerolo area and in the North West in general.

Phone: +39 0121 909474 –  +39 345 2577077 – +39 338 8422982