The Alpina Pastry Shop

The Alpina Pasticceria was born in September 2005 from the dream of Pierluigi Fornero, an already experienced pastry chef, with his wife Emanuela.

It evolved in 2007 with the Gelato shop (with production all year round) and very recently with the Roasting of single-origin-single plantation coffees.

Pierluigi old-fashioned pastry chef: the production is done daily, all manually and with the use of high quality and freshness products (raw materials at km0, bio, IGP, dop, docg, etc …), even ice creams (also vegans) are prepared and put on sale immediately, there is NOT even 1 freezer / blast chiller in our laboratory!

We produce sweet and savory pastries, dry, panettone, pandoro, focaccia della befana, colombe pasta reale, chocolates, bugie, voulevant etc ..

Our brand is registered as well as our packaging. We have the recognition of Artisan Excellence, REI and European VAT number for online sales.

Progetto FuocoRosa: the story of women with an extra boost

Emanuela Callieri is the owner, together with her husband Pierluigi Fornero, of L’Alpina Pasticceria Gelateria Torrefazione.

In 2015 comes the first blow that will test the resistance of the roaster: the discovery of having a tumor, unfortunately already in the fourth stage, which has affected the breast and the breastbone.

The treatment, at the IRCC in Candiolo, however, was the opportunity to meet other patients, including one of the members of the Dragonette. A group of breast-operated volunteers who challenge their limits by dedicating themselves to dragonboating.

After getting to know this group better, Emanuela Callieri chose to design a product that could represent the Dragonette n an exclusive way. Hence the invitation to the organization to select the most suitable coffee for their palates from among the coffees proposed by the roasting company.

The result of the Dragonette tasting is FuocoRosa, a coffee from Guatemala: San Josè Poaquil. The fruit of the work of 27 women from the “Manos de Mujer” cooperative. The same ones that since 2014 have cultivated the 13 hectares at 1750 meters of the fine Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai coffees.

Fresh and delicate with notes of flowers and red fruits, it is a coffee as sweet as the purpose for which it was created.

It is possible to buy it in beans, ground for moka, espresso machine; as well as for filter extraction or French extraction; all in convenient packets of 250 gr each. The entire profit from the sale of this coffee is totally donated to the Dragonette ONLUS.

Progetto FuocoRosa: la storia di donne con una spinta in più


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From Tuesday to Saturday: 8.00 – 13.00 and 16.00 – 20.00

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Monday and Thursday: Closed.

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