The Ancient Piedmontese Apples

Piedmontese apple growing has an ancient history, which began in the early Middle Ages and still boasted thousands of varieties at the beginning of the twentieth century; then the development of industrial agriculture made a cruel selection to the advantage of new foreign grafts. In Val Pellice many old varieties that fruit growers have strenuously defended from extinction have survived.

Slow Food has rewarded this defense of biodiversity by setting up the Presidium of the Ancient Piedmontese Apples, which protects and brings back to the market 8 varieties which are good, aromatic, rustic and resistant (Carla, Calvilla, Buras, Dominici, Runsé, Magnana, Gamba Fina and Grigia di Torriana), to represent over 100 of them … A characteristic more or less common to all the old varieties of apples (the exception is the Carla, which must be eaten fresh) is that they can be stored for a long time and become more tasty and aromatic with the passage of time. Some (the Grigia di Torriana above all) are particularly tasty if baked in the oven.

The Associazione Antiche Mele Piemontesi, as well as the Slow Food Presidium, is part of the “Basket of typical products of the Province of Turin“.