Toy Museum of Luserna San Giovanni

The Museum of Games and Toys was built in August 2003 following the donation to the Municipality of a prestigious collection of objects that belonged to Dr. Giovanni Peyrot, according to an agreement signed by the Mayor geom. Piergiorgio Ghibò.

From the beginning to today, the collection has been greatly enriched with objects, both in quantity and quality, thanks to the donations of more than seventy friends; has doubled its exhibition size and improved its presentation to the public, offering performances of optical games, prestige, theater, projections and more. Currently the Museum is composed of some exhibition rooms plus secretariat, deposit-archive and services. The rooms are furnished with fifteen large glass cabinets to protect the most precious objects, numerous shelves and desks. The objects on display, or rather the sets of objects, constantly increasing, exceed seven hundred units and each of them is numbered, photographically reproduced, described and classified on paper and on computer. The endowment of the objects dates from the early 19th century to today. The rooms also decorate about a hundred pictorial reproductions of famous artists concerning the game..

The Museum can be visited by appointment.


Via Gen. A. Diaz 21, 10062 Luserna San Giovanni


For information and reservations, contact the volunteers of the Mobile Museum: +39 333 9265175

Accessibility by car
Accessibility by car