“Carlo Levi” Civic Library and “Resistance: History and Memory” Section

The library

The municipal library, together with its detached section, adheres to the Pinerolese Library System and offers services to anyone registered in one of the participating libraries.

Registration is free and for minors you need the authorization of a parent.

The services offered are: on-site consultation of books and magazines; lending of books, magazines, e-readers and DVDs; internet connection with wi-fi or through 3 fixed pc stations, with the possibility of printing; free interlibrary loan; reference and assistance in information searches; childhood space with a section dedicated to parents and Born to Read (national program to promote reading in preschool age and support for parenting); facilitated reading section with large and / or highly readable books for DSA and audio books for adults and children; opportunities for reading aloud for children and adults.

In the section “Resistances: history and memory” there are in addition to materials, books, DVDs, archive documents, specific photographs on the period of the Italian Resistance, also other documents on the forms of resistance to national and local dictatorships of contemporary days, as support for those people who are still engaged in the liberation struggles today.
In addition to loan and consultation services, libraries organize various initiatives for various age groups.

The catalog can also be consulted online at www.sbp.erasmo.it.


The headquarters of the “Carlo Levi” library, a former professional school, was inaugurated in 1996 located next to the “Filippo Scroppo” Civic Gallery of Contemporary Art and adjacent to the school complex. The architecture of the building clearly reflects its original function, offering a bright and welcoming space for every type of use. In summer it is also pleasant to use the outdoor space.

The “Resistance: history and memory” section was inaugurated in 2009 and is located inside the former Ribet Barracks. Those were formerly the barracks of the Alpini and the Border Guard and also the headquarters of the Black Shirts, and there, the cells can still be visited, where hostages and partisans were imprisoned and where in August 1944 Willy Jervis was held prisoner, before being taken to Villar Pellice to be hanged.

Adjacent to the Section there is also a Small Museum of the underground press that can be visited during the same opening hours as the library.


The “Carlo Levi” Civic Library is located in Via Roberto D’Azeglio, 10 in Torre Pellice (TO).

Opening hours: Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday 15.30-18.30 Friday-Saturday 10.30-12.30

The “Resistance: history and memory” section is located in Via Arnaud, 30 (inside the former Ribet Barracks) in Torre Pellice (TO).

Opening hours: Tuesday 15.30-18.30 Friday-Saturday 10.30-12.30

Tel: +39 0121 932530

Web: www.comunetorrepellice.it

Pagina Facebook: www.facebook.com/BibliotecaTorrePellicewww.facebook.com/BibliotecadelleResistenze

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