Cascina Marsaglia by Re Nadia

Small farm, located in Lusernetta, on the orographic right of the Luserna stream, handed down for four generations, cultivates about 12 hectares of surface, mainly stable meadows for the production of hay for the traditional breeding of Piedmontese cattle and about 2.5 hectares orchard and potato (the company is one of the founders of the Mountain Potato Association of the Province of Turin) all productions are certified in organic farming since 2002 by CCPB (Consortium of Organic Products Certification).

Particularly attentive to agricultural biodiversity, we produce and sell directly on the farm or at markets organized in local exhibitions and events:
over 30 apple varieties, from the most recent ones, to the old local varieties, such as Grigia di Torriana, Ronzè, Carla, Dominici and Gamba Fin-a (we are associated with the Slow Food Presidium of Ancient Piedmontese Apples), which are partly transformed into juices and vinegar (available late August-April);
5 varieties of apricot, from the early dawn (mid-June) to the Tonda di Costigliole (mid-July);
different varieties of potatoes, including the traditional Bintje, not very productive but highly appreciated for consumption, and old varieties such as Ratte (“bur potato”) and Vitelotte Noire (purple potato).
Apples, apricots and potatoes are produced on the hill of S. Bernardo at 630 m asl, an evocative “island” surrounded by chestnut woods and numerous paths that can be traveled on foot or by bicycle, where the limited availability of water and the altitude favor the fruit color and flavor; cherries and kiwis are grown on a plot on the bank of the Luserna stream.
Available to organize guided company tours on request.


Cascina Marsaglia di Re Nadia – Certified organic productions

Via Cascina Danna 4 – 10060 Lusernetta (TO)


Tel.: +39 0121 900276

Mobile: +39 347 7310937 (Giulio) – +39 349 3859296 (Nadia)