Fairs and Markets

Fairs are a moment of great participation, although they do not equal events in other Alpine valleys (eg the S. Orso fair in the Aosta Valley). The “Fîra ‘d la Pouià” (May) and “Fîra’ d la Calà” (October) in Bobbio Pellice, the last municipality of the valley, on the border with France, accompanies with a market day, parade and exhibition of livestock, dances, songs and other activities, the moments that mark the transhumance passages: going to the mountain pastures for the summer months and returning in the autumn. A similar “autumn fair” is organized in Villar Pellice.
Other fairs in the lower valley take place on Easter Monday and 8 December in Torre Pellice, and on 1 May and 2 November in Luserna S. Giovanni.
In Torre Pellice two trade fairs a year are organized in spring and autumn with “Flowers and flavors” (April) and “Colors and flavors” (October), which combine the horticultural market that crosses the whole country, with tastings and sales of local products: from cheeses to cured meats, honey, canned food …
In autumn, many municipalities organize a “Castagnata“, for the display and consumption of local chestnuts, of which the valley is rich, which in some cases coincide with the fairs already mentioned.
Other fairs connected with local fruit production are: “Mirtillomania” on the third Sunday of June in Angrogna; in Bricherasio the “Grape Festival” in September; the “Kiwi Festival” in Bibiana at the end of October, while – a few kilometers from the valley – “Tuttomele” in Cavour, offers a week at the beginning of November of events and activities.
Almost every municipality also has a half-day weekly market, in the morning, of importance commensurate with the size of the town: in Bibiana on Mondays, in Bobbio Pellice on Tuesdays, in Villar Pellice and Bricherasio on Thursdays, in Torre Pellice and Luserna S. Giovanni on Friday.
In the pedestrian area of ​​Torre Pellice, every third Saturday of the month, there is a market for organic and natural products in the morning.