IL Cuore della Beidana

Typical, local, organic from the Waldensian Valleys.

In the heart of Torre Pellice there is a special shop.
It collects traditional objects, foods and artifacts of the Waldensian Valleys.
It is called “The Heart of Beidana”.

“Il cuore della beidana” has a long history, in some ways as long as the age of its author, or a little less. It is the summary of interests, relationships, skills and passions that Ines has thus put together to be proposed to the territory she loves, making it become an economic activity.

The shop is in the center of Torre Pellice, in front of the Town Hall, in one of the oldest buildings in the town. A small room, which offers artifacts created by the creativity of those who live in the territory of Torre Pellice, the surrounding valleys and the Pinerolo plain.

In the shop you can find: painted Luserna stone; articles of cloth, wool, felt; laser carved steel; traditional pottery and raku vases; multiple wooden objects; clothes recovered in an artistic way; Waldensian and Occitan symbols; photos; books on local history, on trekking, on food, on fauna and flora of the Alps; honey, jams, flours, biscuits, hazelnuts and derivatives, food preserves, cheese sauces; dried flowers and essences…: when you arrive the list will certainly be longer!

Furthermore, the shop produces postcards, posters, prints… with the aim of making known the history of the territory and its peculiarities; small local printers represent another craft that does not always get the right recognition in the era when everything is done online.

At the center are relationships. People who use “Il cuore della beidana” as a showcase for their small or big hobby, can meet buyers. It is in fact possible to request visits to the workshops that allow it, but sometimes the artisans are present in the shop and interesting meetings take place, an opportunity for exchange.
The shop wants to make a contribution to protecting the environment, is attentive to the use of eco-friendly materials and encourages the recycling and recovery of what increases waste

The name: The beidana, from a weapon to an instrument of peace
It is an ancient agricultural tool, a mix between a machete and a billhook, typical of the Pellice valley. It was used as a defense weapon in the Waldensian resistance against repression during the 1600s. Today it is a symbol of resistance to all approvals.

A heart is cut out on the top of the blade, reminiscent of the peaceful and civil nature of these valleys.
The shop is dedicated to this heart.


Torre Pellice, Piazza Municipio 5

Opening periods

From Tuesday to Saturday 3.30pm-7pm; Saturday also 10-12
August: also Sunday 10-12; 15.30-19

Offered services

  • Tourist information: maps and brochures, museum opening hours
  • Possibility to contact the producers for visits to the farms
  • Without architectural barriers for the disabled
  • Accessible by car with parking in front of the shop
  • Possibility to enter with small dogs


Mobile: +39 3703713009