Val Pellice Astronomical Observatory

Three steps towards the stars until you touch them, three steps to bring them closer …

These poetic words (see footnote) are well suited to those who, climbing the steep slope that leads from San Giovanni to Colletto, find themselves in front of the magnificent structure of the Val Pellice Astronomical Observatory, designed and built by the Astrofili Association Urania from the now distant 1989. The structure is immersed in the uncontaminated nature of an enchanting pre-alpine environment among woods, meadows, rocky landscapes and mountain views where the “King of Stone”, the Monviso, peeps out from behind the Frioland. Those who reach the structure are given a nice welcome and availability by the operators who gladly offer their technical and human skills to satisfy the thousand curiosities of those who want to get close to the stars.

The technological resources of the association, including: solar instruments, optical telescopes and a radio telescope (the only one in Piedmont), allow the widest choice in the scientific sector in which you want to deepen your knowledge. The study can be further facilitated by the contents of the library containing more than 2500 volumes relating to scientific subjects related to astronomical sciences such as: anthropology (Study of Humanity), the evaluation of time and seasons (Calendars), gnomonics, physics, mathematics, cosmology, and other related cultures.

In addition to its members, the site is frequented by many other visitors and, among them, numerous students of all levels, from nursery schools to university students.
What more can we say? … We are waiting for you to share our emotions!

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Credits: The phrase cited as the title was extracted from the text of a song by Chiara Galiazzo, part of the Mille Passi album, released in 2013.