Barant Refuge


The Barant hiking refuge is located on the homonymous hill, at 2373 meters, also known as Colle del Baracun, in the Site of Community Importance “Oasi del Pra-Barant” which, with an extension of 4120 hectares, presents a succession of various typical habitats of the Alpine area, where particular endemics and fauna species such as the ibex live. (See the section “upper Pellice valley”)

Around the Refuge there is a naturalistic mosaic of exceptional interest: for this reason it is one of the ten thousand sites that the European Union has identified for the conservation of biodiversity in Europe, enhanced by educational panels scattered on the paths of the entire area, entitled ” Let’s learn to observe ”(ask for the free publication at the Refuge).

The shelter

The Refuge itself represents a testimony of the valley’s past. Both the access road and the building were built in the 1930s by the military and represent true masterpieces of human ingenuity. The barracks, recovered by the Val Pellice Mountain Community in 1994 and renovated with provincial, regional and European funding, has been transformed into a welcoming structure with 40 (now less) beds, which however maintains its original character intact.
Now the Refuge is owned by the Pinerolese Mountain Union, which entrusts it to a manager.
It is equipped with essential services and you can find a simple but warm welcome. You can take advantage of a home-style kitchen, which uses cheeses, meats and other local products, and get a lot of information on excursions and the surroundings directly from the manager, who – work permitting – is happy to chat. It is obviously possible to stay overnight, in dormitories, preferably by reservation.

The site is particularly attractive for hiking and cycling, for the simple and circular route from Bobbio to Bobbio. Its peculiar feature is a breathtaking panoramic view, which can be enjoyed having lunch on the square in front of the Refuge, a true balcony on the mountains, including the Monviso.

Since 1995, the Italian Amateur Astronomers Union has elected the Barant hill as a “Park of the stars” or of great astronomical interest. The “Parks of the stars” must enjoy some decisive characteristics: absence of light pollution, a clear horizon, easy accessibility with observation tools and the presence of nearby accommodation facilities. Colle Barant, in addition to being largely within these characteristics, is located at an altitude of 2373 meters and the fineness of the atmosphere reduces the phenomenon of light dispersion, favoring the observation of stars and very distant worlds otherwise invisible at lower altitudes.

Once a year, the Urania Amateur Astronomers Association organizes an evening on the hill, with dinner and overnight stay at the Refuge.

Great attraction a few meters from the Refuge is represented by the “Bruno Peyronel” Botanical Garden, the highest in Europe, enhanced by the local guides and manned during the summer by young volunteers and newly graduated volunteers who carry out free guided tours of the rich flora of the site. In high season at the Refuge people sing, talk, play, meet many locals in love with their valley, gaze at the stars, or simply enjoy the silence.

How to reach us

Before arriving in Bobbio Pellice, turn left towards Comba dei Carbonieri and then follow the signs to the square in front of the Barbara Lowrie Refuge. Leave the car and continue on foot along the dirt road that leads to the Refuge in about a couple of hours.

Opening period

July and August always open.

In June and September from Friday to Sunday, weather permitting.


30 distributed in two dormitories

Offered services

  • Farm-to-table products
  • Information on the surrounding area
  • Animations by reservation (follow the facebook page)
  • For reasons of cleanliness related to the kitchen the manager does not like animals inside

Phone number

Tel. 3922355656 – 3291927724