Luvertin omelette

Omelette with wild hop tops
The apexes of the wild hop plant (Humulus lupulus), known in many Venetian dialects as “bruscàndoli”, in Piedmontese dialect “luvertin” and in Lombard dialect “laurtiss”, can be used in many recipes, but here we offer them in the omelette.
The plant is also known as “wild asparagus”, although this definition is incorrect. A lot of attention must be paid to the collection as there are plants that are similar in appearance but toxic.

Preparation time

10 – 15 minutes


  • tops of luvertin;
  • eggs;
  • salt;
  • pepper to taste;
  • parmesan to taste.


Put a tablespoon of olive oil in a non-stick pan, add the luvertin tops cut into pieces 2 -3 centimeters long and let it dry over a low heat.
When the sprouts are wilted, put them in a bowl and mix with all the other ingredients, as if to make an ordinary omelette.
When the mixture is homogeneously mixed, pour it into the pan used previously to dry the sprouts and cook on both sides over high heat.