The Saras del fèn

Round and clear, wrapped in the green and thin interweaving of fescue threads, Saras del Fèn is a seasoned ricotta cheese typical of the Waldensian valleys, with a delicate and savory taste, which has always belonged to the local dairy tradition.
Saras is produced by heating pure or mixed cow, sheep and goat milk whey, to which whole cow, sheep and / or goat milk is added.

Pressed, salted and left to mature – for a period ranging from 25 to 30 days – wrapped in Festuca hay, the Saras (also called Seirass, Seras, Serè, already known in the late Middle Ages as Seracium) smells of fresh mountain pastures.
Saras can be tasted both on the table, for example as a particular dessert accompanied by blueberry jam, elderberry jam or honey, and in the kitchen, for example as a filling or condiment for fresh pasta.
Numerous manufacturing companies have set up the “Association of Saras del fèn delle Valli Valdesi producers” and created a production specification and a brand.

It is a typical product recognized by the “Basket of products of the Province of Turin” ed è un “Presidium” of Slow Food.